Ag Service
104 S. Mark Ave
PO Box 88
Fosston, MN 56542

Chemical Office: 218-435-6979
Feed Office: 218-435-1221
Fax: 218-435-6996

Dave Olson, Fertilizer Manager

Steve Sahlberg, Agronomy Assistant

Mark Manecke, Agronomy Assistant



The Fosston Ag Service was organized in 1907. The first building was purchased for $1,800. A new brick building was also building in 1907 for $2,532 and currently houses H & R Block. It was later used for an egg and poultry station. The Fosston Egg and Poultry Station was a large operation during the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s. Products were shipped all over the world, especially during World War II.


A new creamery was built in 1918. The building was last used for a Laundromat and car wash before being demolished a few years ago.


In 1950, the Fosston Locker Plant was built. In 1982, the building was remodeled to house a convenience store, Town Mart. It was operated by the Coop for about ten years. The building was sold in 2005 to Rosebud Coop Oil.


In 1962, on the farm grinding and feed mixing was started with a mobile mill. Ordell Nyhus was hired to operate the machine. The on farm service was discontinued in 1982, at that time portable feed grinders were purchased and rented out to the farmers.


The new fertilizer plant was built in 1967-68. The M & J Fertilizer Plant was purchased in 1988. A new chemical building was constructed in 1992 just west of the fertilizer plant.


Today the Ag Service does custom application for chemical and fertilizer with two Terra-Gators and two Ro-Gators.


They sell feed, seed, chemicals, fertilizer, animal health supplies, livestock salt and softener salt.


It employs 8 people, some of which are seasonal.