Gallagher Fencing 

Since 1938, Gallagher has taken pride in the products & technology that they have developed for the management and control of all types of animals.

For a convenient, economical animal control, improved pasture management and a more profitable farming, a Gallagher Power Fence System is the trusted solution.


Reasons for using Power Fencing:

  • Keep domestic animals in.
  • Keep wild animals and vermin out.
  • Separate different groups of animals.
  • Allow rationing of crops and pasture.
  • Fence off eroding areas, trees, rivers and roads.


Benefits of Power Fencing:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily constructed and maintained.
  • Light weight and easily transported.
  • Durable because of low physical contact .
  • Easily modified.
  • Less animal hide and pelt damage.
  • Deterrent to trespassers and predators.


Products we handle:

  • Power Plus 110/220-volt Energizers
  • Battery Powered Energizers
  • Solar Energizers
  • Grounding Equipment
  • Fence Testers
  • Posts
  • Gates & Equipment
  • Gate Accessories
  • Insulators & Offsets
  • Wire, Tape & Braid  


All Gallagher Energizers carry a 2 year warranty, including lightning damage! 


Each Energizer comes with a 30-day, money-back, customer-satisfaction guarantee